Thursday, April 2, 2009


Ciao a tutti.

So quite a few developments have been made in the last few months not least of which being me getting a family! I will be living with the Puccio family in Palermo, Sicily. I will be the 5th member of the family (6th including the dog) there is the Madre (Mother) Rosalba, Padre (Father) Antonino, Sorella (Sister) Simona who is 19, and Fratello (Brother) Salvo who is 16 :) I've been talking to Salvo and Simona over MSN for the last few weeks and they've been helping me a little with my Italiano. I also got a really nice postcard from them in the mail. They seem really nice and i can't wait to meet them. They seem excited about having me come there and they've never hosted a student before.
Also i've just got my first bulletin pack from AFS outlining a bunch of stuff about getting my insurance, visa and passport sorted out (really dull) and also lots of information about Italy which is a nice read. The best thing about getting the pack though was finding out when i'm leaving. I'll be leaving Auckland on September 9th (09/09/09) and flying to Singapore followed by Frankfurt and then Rome! I'll have some orientation stuff there and then I'll fly from Rome to Palermo! It's kind of just starting to seem real getting dates and flight numbers and that kind of thing. Exciting. Also i've been trying to learn Italian (very slowly), i take my Italian text book to school and use it whenever i have free time. Also im going to start skyping with Simona so i can practice Italian conversation.

Raising money has been slow lately because all of my time has been spent on the Senior production at school instead of working but that finishes this week so i'll be able to get back into it.

Alright that's all i've got to say i'll update next time i get more information.